Banca Simeticawas founded on 25 July 2002 with the ambitious goal of proposing and promoting new ideas within the finance sector, inspired by the principles and values of ethical finance.

At a time of profound upheaval and continuous change throughout the financial world, we decided that the best legal form to remain a viable and competitive player in the marketplace was that of a bank.

Having conducted the relative analyses and established that all the conditions to ensure sound and prudent management had been met, Banca d’Italia authorised Banca Simetica S.p.a., with registered office and general management in Biella, to engage in banking activities and provide core investment services.

Our key objective is to enhance the reputation of the new bank, achieved through three distinctive pillars:

High ideals

High professional standards

Irreproachable conduct

Our dream, for the coming years, is to train leaders with clear-cut ideas, capable of inspiring confidence and developing and defining strategies in which it is plain to see that their plans foster the creation of value for the company as a whole and all of its stakeholders rather than personal wealth.